Noah and Marriage

It is interesting that the rainbow is the symbol that seems to be stuck in the middle of this argument about marriage.  A lot of people get bent out of shape when they see the rainbow now because they feel like it has been stolen from a “biblical” point of view but maybe it helps us have at […]

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The Dangers of Silence

For the past year I’ve been working on a project called “First Church of the Broken”.  Currently, I am in chapter four and I have about three more chapters to go.  The premise of the book is “Loving others in a world that relentlessly tears them apart.”  I have felt for some time that this […]

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Seventeen Years

Armageddon had just come out, Friends was still on television and the search engine Google was founded.  The Bulls were the NBA national champions.   Clinton was impeached.  (No comments please).  “Gettin’ Jiggy with it” was a really popular song.  Try getting that song out of your head now.  (Na-na, na, na, na-na, na…you’re turn.) You’re […]

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Me and KJV

I am pretty jacked!  This Sunday I am starting a class called “Reading Your Bible”.  I am passionate about this study because my life was changed due to my relationship with God and His love letter to us.  Here’s how it all started. Me and KJV – I remember being a High School student and making the […]

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