Embrace the Future

There is an art to embracing the future.  For starters,  you can’t be stuck in the past.  I know, I’m a genius.  For real though.  If there is bitterness, self doubt or hurt that keeps you from heading toward a God given goal in your life, you won’t be capable of charting a new course […]

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The following paragraphs are an excerpt from a book that I have been writing for a little over a year.  The book is called “First Church of the Broken”.  I am currently one chapter away from completing my goal of finishing this book!!!  I’m pretty jacked about that.  This comes from a  chapter entitled “MOB […]

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Waiting for Star Wars

I vaguely remember sitting in a movie theater in Houston Tx. waiting for the first Star Wars movie “A New Hope” to begin.  I was tapping my feet on the sticky, popcorn covered floor of the movie theater while clutching the arm rest of my seat.  When the huge block letters began to roll and the […]

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Dear Young Adults

Dear Young Adults, As you know, our world is a pretty dark one.  There are mass shootings, racial divides, hate filled speech and we are politically polarized on a level that I have never witnessed before.  Like I said, dark.  Fear pervades our world and it has changed us as a society.  The America that we […]

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