The Furnace or the Garden

One of my favorite authors to read when it comes to trusting God and experiencing His grace, is Brennan Manning.  If you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor and read two books from him:  The Ragamuffin Gospel and Ruthless Trust.  Brennan has a very unlikely history from someone you would read “Christian” literature […]

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Launching New Blog/Podcast

Hey Guys!  In previous posts I have spoken of a new venture that I am launching and it is something that I have dubbed “Mutant School Dropout”.  It is a blog and a podcast that centers on nerd culture and entertainment.  I am keeping this page to speak deeply into matters regarding faith and Jesus. […]

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Geeking Out

Not too long ago, I made a decision.  That decision was to push further into an interest of mine for the sake of opening conversation and potentially making some connections that I wouldn’t normally make.  You see, I’m a pastor.  I hope that wasn’t a huge shock to you.  Because of that, I normally hang […]

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