Are You A Dummy?

My daughter goes through obsessions.  When she was three, it was Steve from Blues Clues.  I went for an entire year calling her “Steve” instead of Savannah.  “Savannah clean your room.” “My name is Steve!!!”  “STEVE!  CLEAN YOUR ROOM!!!”  It was a little exhausting at times.  Then she went through a Shaggy phase (from Scooby […]

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Bruised Perseverance

Beaten and bruised.  Tired and unwilling to move.  Attempting to pick myself up for the millionth time in months, I slowly dust off my clothes and stand up. Not confidently or boldly but BARELY.  Adversity and perseverance feels like this doesn’t it?  There are days when staying in bed simply feels like the best option. […]

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