Chaos Management

Have you ever lost control of your car on an icy or wet road? It is terrifying isn’t it? The crazy thing about losing control on the road is that the more you try to regain control by overcorrecting, the worse the problem gets. Another way to say that is… The more you grasp for […]

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Bundling our faith

Have you ever gone to get a new phone, along with a new phone plan, and tried to sift through all of the different charges and “benefits” that you’ll be receiving? You slowly begin to realize that you’ll be signing your life away along with your first born. I get anxiety and a little bit […]

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Let’s be honest, when we suffer intense pain, it is natural to feel abandoned. I’ve had seasons in my life where I was going through something and it just felt like no one else could understand my problems. The truth is, when I am courageous enough to say it out loud to people that I […]

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Just another manic maundy

I am not a traditional kind of guy. Innovation excites me and keeping tradition well…kind of bores me. If you like tradition, that’s great! I see the appeal to it. I really do. Tradition, when used in a healthy way, can help anchor us in values or keep us tethered during difficult times. There is […]

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Lost in religion: Simplicity

Occasionally I meet with a friend of mine and we drink to our ancestors. Let me explain. One day I called him up and said, “We need to get together. Maybe over a beer?” His response. “No, we will have two beers. One for us and the other for our ancestors!” I was like “YES! […]

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Lost in religion

This past Sunday I gave a message on John 3. John writes about a man named Nicodemus. Nick, we’re tight so I can call him this, was a Pharisee. This means that he was already a part of the spiritually elite and powerful in Judaism. In addition to that, he was a member of the […]

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So this is 50.

I have never freaked out over a milestone birthday. When I hit thirty, I didn’t even flinch. Forty? Pffft. Not even a dent. Then 50 rolled around. I’ll go ahead and admit it, it did a number on me. In all fairness, it is kind of a big deal. Now that it is here, I’m […]

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The Way Back

There have been days over the past few years where I have felt old. Let me clarify, I am getting old, just like…well…all of us, but I have never really felt old despite that fact. There is something about the events we are living through that make you feel the passage of time viscerally. A […]

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We are not enemies.

Six months. It has been at least six months since all of our lives have changed. I know, none of us want to talk about it anymore and I totally get it. I won’t rehash it but I will summarize it by saying that I feel like I have been hit by an eighteen wheeler […]

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