Build a Door

  “When one door opens, another one closes.  If God closes a door, He opens a window.  I’m praying for an open door.” No doubt you’ve heard those phrases or even uttered them yourself.  I really think doors sometimes close on us and God wants us to kick them open.  Or maybe it is like […]

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Chasing Squirrels

This squirrel was scouting the dining area this past summer when we were on vacation…in the same city we live in.  Okay, it was a staycation but I always think that sounds like we just stayed at our house so I thought I would spice it up by leaving it vague…SO SUE ME!!!  Back to […]

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It’s about time

About five or six months ago I stopped writing in my spare time.  I had convinced myself that what I was writing didn’t matter and that I didn’t have enough time to do it.  The truth is that I had listened to and believed a few lies about myself that weren’t true.  “Your voice doesn’t […]

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Tired of the Circus

I know, you’re tired of even hearing the word “election” and I don’t blame you.  I’m sick of it too.  The rhetoric, the lying and the hate speech back and forth is enough to make you consider moving to Canada.  Nothing against Canada.  Its a beautiful place.  Its clean, has great scenery and you’ll experience […]

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The Parable of the Bricks

If you will allow me the room, I’d like to tell you a modern day parable. A man was walking on a beach with a sack of bricks slung over his back at nighttime. Up ahead of him were he could see campfires spaced apart by a few miles. As he reached the first campfire, […]

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