Letting Off Steam

I have to admit, I did it because I wanted to see a good fight.  I know that is pretty red neck of me but I was really curious.  Let’s all be honest here, we all like a good fight.  When it comes to our next election, I’m sure we’re going to see many.  The […]

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Terminator and the laws of nature

Love is the most powerful weapon that we have as followers of Jesus. It isn’t truth, doctrine, convincing arguments, discernment or even clean living. The most powerful weapon that we have in our arsenal is love. I’ve seen love shine through illness, death, hate, racism, divorce, depression and regret. When you see love in these […]

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First Love

There aren’t many times that I get it right on our anniversary.  This year, I don’t mind sayin’, I was pretty proud of myself!  We went to a really nice restaurant in San Antonio known as “The Chart House” which is located in the Tower of the Americas.  For some of you that might be […]

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Against the Current

I DO NOT like conflict.  I don’t avoid it necessarily but my stomach churns when I have to confront it.  I’ll be honest with you too, when it happens I get pretty bent out of shape.  “Why me?  What am I doing wrong?  Can’t anything be easy?” are phrases that will eventually come out of […]

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