Eyes Open

I was heading to church on Easter Sunday morning.  It was a pretty typical car ride for a Sunday. I was praying that God would prevent me from screwing up His message that morning and that He would open the eyes to the hearts of the students I was speaking to. The passage for that morning […]

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The Sin of Blame

So apparently the government is shut down.  One of my friends felt the pinch when he went to Yellowstone National Park and had to turn around at the entrance.  Bummer.  Another one of my friends was going on vacation to a national park and she had to figure out a plan “B” to her long […]

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First Love

There aren’t many times that I get it right on our anniversary.  This year, I don’t mind sayin’, I was pretty proud of myself!  We went to a really nice restaurant in San Antonio known as “The Chart House” which is located in the Tower of the Americas.  For some of you that might be […]

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