First Love


There aren’t many times that I get it right on our anniversary.  This year, I don’t mind sayin’, I was pretty proud of myself!  We went to a really nice restaurant in San Antonio known as “The Chart House” which is located in the Tower of the Americas.  For some of you that might be like going to Chili’s but for a guy who is pullin’ down Youth Pastor bank, that’s pretty upscale!!!  Unfortunately we were a little bit late for our reservation, pretty typical for the Snellings’ family, so we had to wait….and wait….and well, you get the picture.  I was getting a little impatient because I began to notice that other people were getting seated before us that had come after we arrived.  I’m petty like that.  Just as I was about to walk up to the front desk and slip them a 1 dollar bill under the menu (youth pastor bank) to get a seat a little faster, our Russian hostess walked up to us and told us our seat was ready.  Not gonna lie, I felt a little like James Bond.

When we got to our seat, they gave us a huge booth (table for 6).  I scooched right up next to my beautiful wife and we sat there looking right out onto the San Antonio skyline…and the couple right in front of us.  It was a tad awkward.  None the less, it was a great seat and great scenery.  Our waitress arrived and gave us our menus.  She quickly told us that the couple in front of us had just gotten engaged.  The ring was still on the table and they were giggling and making goo goo eyes at each other.  Perhaps they were laughing at the awkward couple staring at them from the booth.  But whatevs.  Jenn and I began to talk about how we remember waaaaaaay back when that had happened to us.  We were celebrating our 15 year anniversary but in some ways, it seems like yesterday.  We remember being that giddy when we first took that step.  When I got down on one knee and nervously proposed even though I knew she would say yes (I mean come on).

That couple reminded us of when it all first happened for us.  Just sitting there in that booth was like going back in time a little bit.  It made for a great conversation when we talked about our first apartment, our first home together and yes when we first had kids.  All because of our first love.  Its a really good thing for your marriage to remember the first time you fell in love.  It reminds you of why you fell in love in the first place and how much you’ve grown as a couple since that time.

I think its good for you to do the same in your relationship with Jesus.  Do you remember the first time you fell in love with Him?  It was pretty magical wasn’t it?  Do you remember how excited you were to talk about Him?  How excitedly you would open the pages of your Bible and learn more about Him and grow in your knowledge of Him?  Remember how you jumped into serving and were excited about helping others experience Christ as well?  I know its easy for me to forget.  I know that my love for Him runs cold and stale at times.  I’m reminded of it when I see someone who just made that commitment for the first time and their love for Him is new.  Let’s remember our first love and be inspired by new believers.  Its good for the relationship.

“But I have this against you, that you have left your first love.” Revelation 2:4

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