Dunkin my Daughter


About a week ago, something amazing happened.  We had baptisms at C4 (Cibolo Creek Community Church).  Okay, as far as the church world goes, that’s not out of the ordinary. But baptisms are one of my absolute favorite times at church!  I love hearing the stories of people’s lives and how they are so different from mine and in some cases erily similar.  That’s one aspect.  The other part of it that is so inspiring is how God intersected with this individual’s life and changed them forever.  You get to hear story after story of how transformation is taking place in people’s lives

You hear people’s individual God story. It is amazing and unique.

So, I think you get it. Baptisms are cool. However, this particular Sunday wasn’t just any baptism. I had the rare privilege of baptizing my beautiful daughter, Savannah Noelle. I was so JACKED!!! I mean for years and years I had prayed for this moment to happen. For years upon years I had talked to Savannah about how to know Jesus and trust Him.

Sure there were many failed attempts. Many times I had been in the middle of a great conversation and my son jumps on my back, taking me down to the ground. Other times I had just given a bad illustration or metaphor. “Honey, would you like Jesus to come into your heart.” Long pause. Savannah: “No, I don’t want Jesus in my heart.” Me: “GASP”. Savannah “I mean does He actually climb into your heart?” “Whew”. She was just concerned that Jesus was the heart fairy and had come to collect.

So years of praying and sharing and here we were standing in the hot tub (non denom baptismal) face to face. I started by saying “Savannah, since before you were born, I’ve been praying for this.” (Cue waterworks). I really should have started differently. Later I managed to get out “This is the most important decision you will ever make. Its more important than who you will marry, more important than your career and more important than how much money you will make.” And I meant every word of it.

It is the decision that affects all other decisions you will make. Not getting baptized, following Jesus. Baptism was just the outward expression of that decision you made. It is a game changer. It is the first domino that you tip over that hits all of the other dominos. It starts a chain reaction of discipleship. But it is only the beginning. Let’s not get so caught up in praying for the everyday (illness, job, your dog) that we miss the everlasting. Let’s pray for our kids’ salvation. Let’s pray for each others kids’ salvation. Then a life long pursuit of following Him. Back to the prayer closet.

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