Growing in Wonder



I love my kids!!!  I really do.  I know you are supposed to say that when you are a parent but it is definitely true of me.  My son Kaiden (3) is a terrific guy.  He loves to rough house and wrestle.  Its like living with Kato from the Pink Panther.  He can attack at any moment.  He will jump off the arm of the couch straight onto my back.  He is fearless.  Which also gets him in trouble.  He loves the movie “Cars”, any sport with a ball, Super Heroes and trucks.  He is so much fun to be around.

My daughter Savannah (8) is a joy to be around as well.  She is a totally different experience all together.  She loves to be in character 24/7.  There was a whole year of her life where she demanded to be called “Steve” (she was a huge Blues Clues fan)!  Now she is obsessed with Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz and The Phantom of the Opera!  It is common in our house to hear “THE PHAAAAAAANTOM OF THE OPERA IS THERE…INSIDE YOUR MIND!” and then see my daughter with the half mask, cape and ruffly shirt standing in the hallway.  She is awesome.  I love both of them like you wouldn’t believe.

However (did you see that coming?), if 15-20 years from now, Kaiden is sitting on the couch watching cars and doesn’t have a job…it might be a totally different story.  You might hear different things echoing through the Snellings household.  Things like “Get a job bro!” or “Grow up Kaid!” If 15-20 years from now Savannah is wearing her Phantom outfit singing “Paaaast the point of no return…” and isn’t on a career path or doesn’t have any meaningful relationships, I might say something like “You may be past the point of no return but let’s give it a shot anyway!  Go…get…a…job!!!” 

You see, it is expected that my kids grow up at some point right?  The thing is, when we become adults, it is no different.  Ten years from now, I really hope that I am in a different place spiritually than I am now.  I want to grow!  I want to grow in my knowledge of God, my practice of His truth AND I want to grow in my amazement and wonder of him.  That’s why I am really excited about Margaret Feinberg’s new book “Wonderstruck”!  The focus of the book is being in awe of God and being excited about His presence.  Keeping your relationship with God fresh by being suprised by His majesty has an impact on your prayer life, relationships and gives your walk with Christ a different perspective.  

I was able to preview a few chapters from the book and I couldn’t be more excited about reading the rest!  The book is is released on Christmas Day.  Check it out and let the wonders of God surround you!  Pray for wonder today! 

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3 thoughts on “Growing in Wonder

  1. I don’t know what I love about this blog post more–the photo of your kids or that you mentioned Star Wars, Phantom of the Opera, and the Wizard of Oz all in the same sentence! (Has she ever seen Wicked? She would love it!)

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