Kicking Over Anthills

I love causing trouble.  I’m not sure why.  I have to blame it partially on testosterone (my gender’s fault), partially on upbringing (my parents fault), and partially on how I’m geared (God’s fault).  I can remember from an early age, running out into the backyard and kicking over anthills just to watch them scurry and rebuild.  When they were through…I’d kick it over again.  Trouble.  I loved propping up toys on tree stumps and busting out my BB gun and cranking that puppy up three or four times and then unleashing hades on He-Man.  He had it coming I assure you.  Trouble.  When we got a microwave for the first time (yes I’m old) I remember thinking, could G.I. Joe survive a couple of rounds in that bad boy?  Turns out, he folded relatively fast and the house smelled pretty terrible for a few days.  The time I spent in my room over that affair, was well worth it.  Trouble.

I think that I am pretty quick to chalk stuff like that up to my sin nature.  That we are all prone to drift toward the flesh if left unchecked (which I do believe) but I think something else is at play there.  There are times when I feel like causing trouble and I think it is sanctified, holy and right.  Jesus made a habit out of causing trouble for the right reasons.  I have to think on some level He enjoyed it.  When He drove the money changers out of the temple (Matthew 21:12) there had to be some joy in it.  When he schooled Pharisees and foiled their party to chunk some stones at an adulteress, and He knew good and well it took two to tango, He enjoyed intervening and ticking off some plank eyed legalists (John 8:7).  On countless different occasions He tanked Satan’s plans to derail God’s purpose and I just know He had a gleam in His eye and zeal in His heart as He bound the strong man and plundered his house (Matthew 12:29).

I’m pretty sure that God wants us to cause trouble.  That’s really good news for those of you who are like me and you simply have a knack for it!  He wants us to kick down doors and cause trouble in His name (Matthew 16:18-20).  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not talking about being rude to non believers or hateful in our speech.  That kind of trouble is SIN plain and simple.  I mean that when we step into someone’s pain, when we befriend someone who is isolated and when we give a hand up to someone who is oppressed, that causes Satan trouble.  I like that.  But then again, I like kicking over anthills.

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